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Shot of a senior woman having tea in a retirement home

Perks of Growing Older

Many people think of growing older in a negative way, and because of this, a large part of our population actually fears the aging process. While there are certainly some challenges that come along with the passing of years, the truth is that often, there are more advantages to growing older than there are disadvantages. 
Read on to find out more about the perks of aging! 

Perk #1: Increased Self-Esteem

For most people, youth is filled with insecurities – but as we age, we tend to overcome our self-imposed negativity and gain a higher level of self-confidence. At the University of Basel, people ages 18 to 89 were surveyed. Those who were older had higher self-esteem than their younger counterparts, regardless of other factors like social status or demographic. 

Perk #2: Financial Discounts

Senior citizens get all kinds of financial benefits, like discounts on everything from meals to movie tickets, travel perks, cheaper resort stays, and more. Some retail shops have special senior discount days. Even grocery stores often have special discounts available for seniors! 

Perk #3: A More Balanced Brain

Disregarding illnesses such as Alzheimer’s, the older people get, the sharper their brains tend to become. According to brain scans, older adults use both sides of their brain at the same time – a skill called bilateralization. By doing this, their reasoning skills are actually better than people who aren’t quite as experienced in life. 

Perk #4: Reduced Stress

Wisdom comes with age, which means people are able to distinguish needs from wants with a higher degree of accuracy. They’re also able to recognize when things are beyond their control – and stop worrying about them. Seniors may be able to realize how unimportant other people’s opinions really are, and so they aren’t nearly as stressed out as they used to be over what people think of them.

CareFirst: Giving Your Loved One the Respect They Deserve 

We believe that the golden years are just that – golden! With CareFirst, you can rest assured knowing your elderly loved one is taken care of in their own home, where they are comfortable and happy. We promote dignity and respect through compassionate care, and we understand all the requirements of caring for a disabled family member. Our caregivers have a true heart for our clients – and they have the skills to promote wellness in your loved one’s home. 
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