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How to Handle Long Distance Care-Giving

When you live far away from a parent, grandparent, or loved one who needs your care, it can certainly be worrisome, especially if your loved one resists home care. However, long distance caregiving is not impossible. Simply being there for your loved one is the right place to start. CareFirst in Birmingham, AL, can help you figure out the rest!

Make a Plan

When it becomes apparent that your loved one needs care, be proactive about creating and implementing a caregiving plan. Start by educating yourself on what kind of care your loved one needs. Talk to any specialists or physicians involved. Then, help educate the rest of your family. Most importantly, don’t forget to discuss care options with your loved one. What do they want and need?
When you are prepared to execute your plan, create a contact list to help keep everyone organized and in the loop. Then talk to the appropriate specialists and family members to create a structured plan of care. Decide whether your loved one needs in-home care, overnight care, etc. Determine what equipment, tools, and/or medications they may require.

Ensure Your Plan Is Financially Sound

Many home care services are not covered by Medicare. Long-term insurance plans sometimes cover home care services. However, if you find that you are going to have to pay for care privately, make sure that you seek affordable services. Consult with a caregiving expert to discover what type of care will remain within budget and still be most effective and helpful for your loved one: companion care or overnight care, for example.

Learn More with CareFirst

At CareFirst, we specialize in dependable, responsive care. We are a trusted home care provider for the state of Alabama, bonded and insured for added protection. We are available to assist you and your loved ones anytime, 24 hours a day. If you would like to learn how we can help your family find the perfect long distance caregiving solution, contact CareFirst today.