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How to Choose the Right Home Care Agency

When your aging parent can no longer live independently, the housing options can seem overwhelming. Should you use a retirement community, a skilled nursing facility, or something in between? What is there in between? 

Many families are turning to a third option: home care services. But what is home care for senior citizens, and why would you choose it over a nursing home? Read on for tips. 


Identify What You’re Looking For

What exactly does your elderly loved one need help with? Assistance with meal preparation, medications, daily routines, and more are all things a home care service can provide. Whether your senior citizen lives alone and needs consistent help, or they live with another person who works during the day and cannot be there until evening, home care services may be exactly the setup your loved one needs. 

Do Your Research

Not all home care service companies are created equally. Start by researching a few of them online and seeing what you find (although it’s always wise to take Internet information with a grain of salt, especially highly emotional or aggressive reviews). Find out what services each one provides, how caregivers are trained, and whether their methods and specialties fit your needs. 

Request an Interview

Once you’ve narrowed your list to the agencies you’re interested in, call them to discuss the details and have your questions answered by a care specialist. This also provides an opportunity for the agency to take inventory of your loved one’s needs and create a care plan with their medical provider. 

Home Care for Senior Citizens: Make the Right CHOICE!

Here at CareFirst, we know how stressful it can be to worry about the wellbeing of your elderly loved one. You want the best for them – and so do we. Contact us today for more information on the home care services we provide.