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Elderly parents at home living with their children and washing a carrot

Do My Parents Need Assistance At Home?

Watching our parents age brings many new questions and thoughts into our lives – and wondering if our parents need help, or can live independently, is one of the biggest. We want to make our parents lives easier, but we don’t want make them feel like they are losing their independence. Choosing the correct time to make the call can feel incredibly stressful, but having a general idea of the key things to look for can make the whole experience much easier. So what are some signs that it’s about time to make a decision? 

Personal Care 

Is your elderly loved one still able to take care of themselves? If so, does it seem more difficult than it should be? This applies to everyday personal care like staying clean, eating, and taking medicine at the right time. Of course, we become weaker as we age – but pay attention to weight loss or gain, noticeable differences in strength, and an increase in body odor. It’s also important to consider the possibility of emergencies. If your loved one fell or needed to leave the house in the case of an emergency, would they be able to do so on their own? If the answer if anything besides a confident yes, you need to seriously consider other options for your loved one. 

Home Conditions 

You can tell a lot about a person by the condition of their home. In regards to our elderly loved ones, some important things to look for are burned pots, an excess of expired food, messy floors, dirty bathrooms, dead plants, and broken appliances. A house in poor condition is a huge indicator of the inability to live independently. If someone isn’t able to take care of their surroundings, it’s unlikely that they will be able to take care of themselves. 

Talking to a Professional 

Reaching out to a professional for advice on when to find extra help for a loved one is the best way to ensure that you are making the right decision. Social workers and assisted home care companies like CareFirst can provide an educated, unbiased opinion on what should be done. It can be tough to admit that a family member needs help with simple tasks, but recognizing the severity of the situation and acting on it can do wonders for your family member’s quality of life!
The great thing about working with CareFirst is that our clients choose how many hours they need help. Whether it’s 4 hours or 24, we can ease the burden on your shoulders. Contact us today for more information on how we can help!